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What is included in my Homestay Rent?

Our fees include homestay placement fee and weekly rent.

  1. Homestay placement fee covers
    • carefully matching students/guests with a host family
    • the cost of processing applications and payments
    • orienting students/guests
    • recruiting and maintaining homestay hosts and homes
    • support to all the hosts, students/guests and educational institutions.
  2. Weekly rent (normally 28 nights) covers
    • a fully furnished room with a bed, desk, lamp and storage space
    • meals: If meals are included in your homestay package, your host will provide all dinners and breakfasts plus lunch on weekends
    • all utilities including gas, electricity (except excessive use of electric heaters or air conditioning) and internet access, but not telephone calls
    • the use of laundry facilities, washing machine, iron and laundry powder
    • emergency support

Homestay rent varies according to the location/city, whether a student is over or under the age of 18, single/twin-shared bedroom, meals provided, etc. Please see our Homestay Price List for our current rates.

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