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One of Australia's most experienced and respected homestay providers

For the last 20 years, Study Vision has been working diligently with education agents, universities and colleges to provide outstanding homestay accommodation, shared accommodation and other services when students arrive in Australia.

Why international education agents & institutions choose us:

  • 24/7 student support in multiple languages
  • 20 years of experience placing international students with homestays
  • Access to a nation-wide community of experienced homestay hosts across Australia
  • Regular inspections, training and recruiting of homestay hosts to provide safety and comfort for international students
  • A professional team of dedicated staff who will work with you to provide the best experience for your students when they study in Australia

Why homestay is perfect for your students

Homestay provides students with the safety and support network required when arriving in a new country

  • Safety – Each homestay host and their family must pass our comprehensive safety checks which includes background checks, home inspections and periodic assessments.
  • Flexibility – An initial homestay booking period is 4 weeks, with options for the student to extend this period longer if they wish to continue with the host family.
  • Affordable – Homestay is often a more affordable option than student accommodation or share houses. The rent paid for homestay often includes meals, utilities and laundry services.
  • Cultural Immersion – Homestay provides international students with the opportunity to interact with local Australians on a daily basis. This allows students to experience the local food, culture and also opportunities to practice their English.

Other services

Study Vision offers other services which complement our homestay program for international students. These include:

  • Shared accommodation – We offer a small supply of affordable shared accommodation for students across Australia. To learn more click here.
  • Airport pickup – Our team of experienced drivers can provide your students with direct transport from the airport to their new homestay. To learn more click here.
  • Under 18 welfare – Study Vision is an approved Accommodation Provider for underage students for several major universities, including University of Sydney, UNSW Global and University of Melbourne. We are also approved to arrange Guardianship for underage students for several other colleges. To learn more click here.

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As one of Australia’s largest and most experienced homestay providers, Study Vision is the perfect on-shore partner for agents, universities and colleges across Australia.