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Information about Student Accommodation for Guests

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What is student accommodation?

Student Accommodation is a type of accommodation where you live in a house or apartment complex with other residents. You will have a bedroom, sometimes including an ensuite bathroom, and share other facilities (kitchen, bathroom, etc.) with other tenants. You can request either a Single bedroom or a Shared bedroom with your friends. This type of shared accommodation is fully furnished, and normally includes all utilities and internet access, but you will need to provide your own meals and bed linen.

Why student accommodation?

If you are independent, we recommend Student Accommodation.

If you have been living with a host family for a while, and want more independence and freedom, Student Accommodation is the best fit for your changing needs.

What is included in student accommodation?

  • Most are fully furnished
  • Many include utilities
  • None include meals
  • Many have special facilities (barbecue areas, pools, etc.)

How much does student accommodation cost?

You will need to pay a $345 Accommodation Booking Fee, your Deposit (normally 2 – 4 weeks Rent) and your First 4 weeks Rent to confirm your booking.

The weekly rental for Student Accommodation varies based on location, property type and many other factors. Please email us for enquiries.

Terms & conditions

For our Terms & Conditions, please click here

Student accommodation guidelines

For our Student Accommodation Guidelines, please click here

How to apply for student accommodation

Apply for Student Accommodation

Complete our short online application form


Study Vision will contact you to understand your accommodation needs, and give you more details about the property you have selected.

If you are not happy with the selected accommodation, or the accommodation is no longer available, Study Vision will recommend an alternative accommodation for you.


Once we have finalised which Student Accommodation you want, we will send you an invoice

Accommodation agreement

Once we receive your payment, we will send you an Accommodation Agreement

Agreement accepted

Once you have signed your Accommodation Agreement, a final confirmation is sent to both you and the property manager.

Student accommodation cnfirmed

Your Student Accommodation is now booked and waiting for your arrival.

Frequently asked questions

If you have any other questions, please refer to our Frequently Asked Questions

Study Vision's COVID-19 Policy for students & other guests

For our COVID-19 Policy For Students & Other Guests​, please click here