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Student Accommodation Terms & conditions

All disputes will be resolved based on the original English version of our Terms & Conditions.

  • All payments should be made to Study Vision. If your property manager asks you to pay them or make payments to a different account than the Study Vision account on your invoice, please check with Study Vision before making any payments.
  • Please ensure all payments are made on time. If your payments are not made on time, you may be charged a late fee, or asked to vacate your accommodation
  • Unlike Homestay, there is no reduction in rental if you go away on holidays during your stay.
  • The booking period ranges from 12 weeks up to 52 weeks, depending on various factors. Your booking period will be confirmed when you make an enquiry.
  • Payment methods, refund policies and other terms and conditions vary between properties, and will be specified in the agreement provided to you after you apply.