Under 18 Accommodation & Welfare

Providing caring and friendly homestay accommodation & welfare for under 18 students in Australia
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All unaccompanied minors (under 18 years of age) studying in Australia must have appropriate accommodation and welfare arrangements, including a local guardian, in order to stay in these countries
At Study Vision, all of our Homestays are rigorously inspected and screened. They also receive regular training, to ensure that they take the best care of any students placed with them.
Some universities and colleges prefer to handle Welfare arrangements for Under 18 students themselves, or through 3rd party Guardianship Companies. For these universities, Study Vision can arrange approved Homestay Accommodation.
Other universities and colleges allow Study Vision to arrange all aspects of a student’s welfare and accommodation.In these cases, Study Vision also has qualified people act as guardians for students, throughout the duration of their stay in Australia, or until they reach 18 years of age. The Guardian will regularly contact the student to ensure they are meeting their academic goals and getting the most from their experience. Through interactions with the student, school staff, and the assigned host family, the Guardian prepares updates that offer insight into the student’s experience and present recommended remedial action to address any problems the student may be encountering.
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(including USFP at Taylors College)

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Please Note: Currently, Study Vision only offers Welfare for Under-18 Students studying in Australia.