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Roles of a Local Caregiver

As your child is in Australia without you (parent/legal guardian), it is important you have a local person in Australia who can represent your wishes. Study Vision will ensure your child is properly cared for in your absence and you receive regular updates.

Please note, a local caregiver is NOT a Legal Guardian, and is not able to sign any documents that require the signature of a parent/legal guardian.

Study Vision’s Local Caregiver service includes:

  • Contact parents and student prior to their arrival to establish communications, and assure them that all welfare services have been arranged.
  • Contact the student after arrival in Australia and check that they have settled in well, and report back to their parents about their situation.
  • Ensure that the student understands visa regulations, safety and security information during their study in Australia.
  • Assist the student to open a bank account, purchase a local telephone SIM card (if required) and purchase a local transport card and explain how to use local public transport (train, bus, tram, taxi etc), to ensure they can settle in to their new life in Australia.
  • Ensure that the student understands how their overseas health insurance (OSHC) works, and advise on how to obtain or register their health insurance card.
  • Explain home stay rules and etiquette to the student, to ensure an enjoyable and trouble free stay in their homestay.
  • Communicate regularly with the student, to make sure they are doing well, and assist them when needed.
  • Communicate regularly with the student’s parents, to inform them of their child’s academic and social well-being.
  • Attend school-required meetings and report students’ school performance to parents in a timely manner
  • Check with students about holiday plans and instruct students to ensure that they have parent and institution approval before going out or on holiday.
  • Help students arrange medical appointments whenever they need medical assistance
  • Assist students to apply for a change of approved accommodation if needed – please note final approval for any change of accommodation is given by the education provider
  • Provide 24 hour – 7 days a week emergency assistance