Knowing she loved cheesecake …

As we prepare for the holiday period, we reflect on the eventful year that has passed. With courage and
optimism, we also look forward to entering a new year of hope and continued success.
What a pleasure it is for us, to end 2020 by sharing with you an amazing story from our longstanding
homestay hosts, Ann and Steve, of Mascot, Sydney.
You will already know that over the past five months, Study Vision has been working in close partnership
with the NSW Government to support its Temporary Crisis Accommodation Scheme, a special initiative to
assist vulnerable international students stranded in our country during the COVID-19 pandemic.
We were delighted to serve Andrea, of Colombia, studying at Greenwich College. An awardee of the
temporary accommodation scheme, we placed Andrea in the home of Ann and her husband, Steve, who
have many years of experience welcoming and caring for international students. Writing to us with
accompanying photos, Ann said: “knowing she [Andrea] loved cheesecake, I made her an apricot
cheesecake which she loved and other students we had staying with us also.”
How extraordinary it is, that international students have the opportunity to share the lives of local
Australian families. Our homestay hosts, in turn, are enriched by their engagement with young adults from
a different culture, who have travelled from the other side of the world, to learn more about us. And
through the seemingly small things that we do, we show our appreciation for each other, and create
experiences that last a lifetime.
Thank you to Anna and Steve for being great Australian ambassadors!
From all of us at Study Vision, we wish Andrea a wonderful birthday and a fantastic 2021!