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Student Accommodation Guidelines, Terms & Conditions

The Accommodation Provider is responsible for providing a safe and suitable environment, and for the health and wellbeing of any Student residing at the Premises including, without limitation:

  • providing both single sex and unisex accommodation options at the Premises
  • All rooms should include, at minimum, a bed (including mattress, pillow and bedding), a desk and chair, sufficient storage space (wardrobes, drawers, etc.) and curtains/blinds on all windows for privacy
  • providing adequate security at the premises, such as lockable external doors, intercom, etc.
  • providing Students with any necessary, security pass or codes to access the Premises and their room;
    providing suitable and sufficient onsite laundry facilities;
  • prohibiting non-prescription or recreational drug use on the premises
  • All parts of the boarding house (including furniture, fittings, beds and linen) must be kept in a clean and healthy condition, and free from pests or bugs.
  • Bins must be kept covered and waste must be put in appropriate bins.
  • Note that the occupier also has a responsibility to take reasonable measures to keep the premises free from fleas, other disease-carrying insects, rats and mice (except any such animals kept as pets)
  • Furniture and fittings must be provided and kept in good repair.
  • Payments will be made by Study Vision to the Accommodation Provider fortnightly, within 2-7 days of the payment being due. No additional fees should be collected directly from the resident, without prior approval from Study Vision
  • Facilities and utensils for storing or cooking food must be kept in a clean and healthy condition, in good repair, free from foul odours and, as far as possible, free from dust, flies, insects and pests.
  • The kitchen floor must have a surface that doesn’t allow water or damp to get through
  • The boarding house must receive adequate light and airflow.
  • All dividing walls used in dormitories and rooms must be properly constructed and provide adequate airflow.
  • Local environmental planning laws require that all boarding houses and other student accommodations have smoke alarms that meet Australian Standards
    The number and location of smoke alarms required depends on the size and layout of the building