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Study Vision's COVID-19 Policy for Homestay Hosts & Property Owners

How to prepare to take a student

Study Vision’s first priority is the health and safety of you, your family, and your students. We are also obligated to follow the regulations and recommendations of various authorities, including all Australian federal, state and local public health authorities.

To assist with safely welcoming your student, please consider the following before they arrive:

Bedroom Set-up

  • Sanitization / cleaning supplies in room (e.g. disinfecting wipes, disinfecting spray, hand sanitizer, etc.) – Guide the student to use them whenever necessary
  • Towels & sheets for student’s use – Guide the student to wash these regularly
  • Garbage can with clean liner – Guide the student to empty their garbage daily, and replace the liner

Bathroom Set-up

  • Sanitization / cleaning supplies in room – Guide the student to use them whenever necessary
  • Toiletries that are normally shared with the family, such as hand soap, and a designated place to store them (e.g. basket or specific drawer). If bathroom is shared, consider providing a box or basket so students can take toiletries to and from their bedroom
  • Guide the student to clean the bathroom after they use it, to keep the bathroom hygienic for everyone

Laundry Room Set-up

  • Sanitization / cleaning supplies in room – Guide the student to use them whenever necessary

When a Student arrives

When your student arrives:

  • Ensure the student is aware of any local restrictions and house rules about COVID, such as mask wearing, using hand sanitiser, etc.
  • Give the student a tour of the house, pointing out where hand sanitiser is available
  • Give student a regular time to wash their laundry, separate from any family laundry

If you or your student gets COVID-19

If you or your students start to show symptoms of COVID-19, please get tested immediately. Please help your student arrange a test, if needed. Symptoms include:

  • fever (37.5 degrees Celsius or higher)
  • cough
  • sore throat
  • shortness of breath (difficulty breathing)
  • runny nose
  • loss of taste
  • loss of smell.

If you or your student test positive for COVID, please refer to the Australian Government’s current COVID restrictions.

For information on general good practices to deal with COVID-19, please see our COVID-19 Policy page

For more information on travelling to Australia, please see the Australian Government’s COVID-19 International Travel webpage.

Be Patient & Kind - We Are In This Together