Hosting U18 Students

U18 Hosting Responsibilities

Hosting under 18 international students can be a rewarding long term experience, where a minor stays with your family for an extended period of time. However, hosting minors come with a few additional responsibilities. A hosts responsibility varies between universities and colleges, so Study Vision will let you know in advance any additional responsibilities before confirming any booking with you. Some responsibilities include:
Limited students per homestay

Some universities or colleges limit the number of students allowed to stay at one time at your homestay. For example, you may be limited to hosting no more than 3 students at a time (both underage and over 18).

Single gender homestays

Students are not allowed to be placed in a homestay that is already hosting students of the opposite gender

Nightly curfew

Students may be required to be back at your homestay before a certain time at night. For example, you may have to contact a Study Vision supervisor if your student arrives after 10pm.

For more detailed information about your responsibilities when hosting Under 18 students, please review our Host Guidelines for Under 18 students