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Who makes a good homestay host?

A good homestay host is someone who is willing to share their home with guests from other backgrounds, cultures and religions. Hosting
international guests can be an enriching and rewarding experience for all involved.
An international student from china enjoying a meal with an Australian homestay family
An Australian homestay family with a chinese international student

Create lifelong friendships with your international guests

Homestay provides host families with a unique opportunity to welcome international guests to their homes to share their own culture and also to embrace different cultures. By partaking in homestay, hosts develop lasting friendships and bonds with their guests.

What are the requirements for hosting?

If you are considering to become a homestay host, you will need to consider the requirements outlined in this section. Hosting also comes with some responsibilities, both for over 18 and underage students. Follow the link below to read more about your responsibilities.
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Close to schools

Travel is a significant factor when students select a homestay. Most student's prefer a homestay within 45 minutes from their university, college or school.

Able to provide meals

Our homestay program require hosts to provide 2x meals Monday to Friday and 3x meals on weekends.

A comfortable bedroom

A comfortable bedroom for your guests should include at a minimum a single bed, wardrobe, desk and lamp.

Responsible & caring

A homestay host should be aware and considerate of their guests health and wellbeing during their stay.

Hear from our hosts

Testimonials from our community of homestay hosts across Australia and New Zealand

Melbourne host

We have hosted international students for 10+ years now. The staff at Study Vision are at the top of their game . Amazing service and support to both hosts and students.

Gold Coast host

It has been a great pleasure over the years to be associated with Study Vision Homestay. Students placed in my home are a joy and long term relationships have been created.

Sydney host

I have been a host with Study Vision for several months and whenever I need advice the staff are always their to assist me. They are always friendly and helpful no matter what.

Brisbane host

I have worked with Study Vision for about 5 years now and I really enjoy working with them. Easy, professional and we have hosted beautiful students whom I have adopted as my own.

Melbourne host

Me and my boyfriend Dean love being hosts with Study Vision. All of our homestay students are friendly, respectful and we enjoy getting to know them.

Sydney host

I have been Hosting with Homestay for a few years now and they are my preferred and trusted Homestay Company. Marina, Jess and the team are always professional and willing to assist.

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