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Give your heart to them

Study Vision has been matching students with homestay families for 25 years. Over that time, we have been privileged to know and work with some amazing families. When we received these recent photos from Antoinette of Tempe, Sydney, it brought back vivid memories. Antoinette has been a Study Vision homestay host for some 10 years. We are proud to showcase the feedback we received from students about Antoinette’s homestay. Her guests love her cooking, which she evolves to cater to different tastes. Her students love being part of Antoinette’s big and lively family. The best compliment for Antoinette is that her students keep extending their stay at her home, so that she rarely has vacancies for new guests! Antoinette shared this profound advice with us:  
Number one, you have to be very welcoming and warm. For the first two weeks, you’ve got to give them a lot of attention. After that, they get used to the place and do well. Give your heart to them, like their own mother and father, because they are on their own, they are missing their family and they are using a new language. Be polite, speak nicely, and do not chase behind them if they are doing something wrong. Remember, they are very young and come from countries with a different style of life.
  Antoinette is proudly Greek Australian. She brings so much to the Study Vision extended family. Homestay hosts like Antoinette are truly great ambassadors who impress students with the best of Australia’s diverse cultures. We thank Antoinette for her exceptional dedication to and care for her homestay children.