Study Vision's COVID-19 Policy for Students

The latest requirements for students to return is that they must be fully vaccinated with a vaccine recognised by the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA). For more information, please refer to Study Sydney.

Study Vision also requires that all homestay family members be vaccinated, if possible. All Shared Accommodation properties will have their own COVID Safety Plans in place.

You will need to be fully vaccinated, and have a negative test result less than 72 hours before your flight to Australia, in order to be allowed to travel to Australia.

Please send a copy of your vaccination record, as well as your negative test result, to Study Vision, as soon as you are able. Study Vision will share this information with your host, to ensure that you receive a warm welcome when you arrive.

When you arrive at your new homestay:

  • Your host will make sure that you are aware of any local restrictions and house rules about COVID, such as mask wearing, using hand sanitiser, etc.
  • Your host will give you a tour of the house, pointing out where hand sanitiser is available
  • You will have a regular time to wash your own laundry, separate from any family laundry


If you or your host start to show symptoms of COVID-19, please get tested immediately. Your host will help you arrange a test, if needed. Symptoms include

  • fever (37.5 degrees Celsius or higher)
  • cough
  • sore throat
  • shortness of breath (difficulty breathing)
  • runny nose
  • loss of taste
  • loss of smell.

After you or your host have been tested, you must self-isolate until you receive a negative test, even if you are fully vaccinated.

If you or your host receive a positive test result, please notify Study Vision and your school/university immediately. You and your host will need to self-isolate until you are cleared by a medical professional. You cannot relocate if you or your host are required to self-isolate.


For more information for hosts in NSW, please see the NSW Government’s Advice for Confirmed COVID-19 Cases webpage (This page is available in multiple languages).

Be Patient & Kind - We Are In This Together